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7 Tools To Have A Phenomenal Social Media Workflow

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1. Get 200% More Twitter exposure – Buffer

The most important thing to do for me is to provide great content for my followers. With Buffer you can do this very easily and add Tweets from anywhere you are reading articles. By adding Tweets to your Buffer, they will be posted for you at optimal times, to reach more of your followers. This optimal timing and spacing out over the day has shown to increase clicks and retweets by over 200%.

Workflow Tip: Since recently you can Buffer your Retweets right from Simply install the browser extension and space out the retweets to make it easier for your followers to read them.

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2. File sharing and saving easier than with Dropbox – Let’s Crate

Another problem that I have always had was to share files easily without sending a lot of emails around, inviting people to folders or else. Here is where Let’s Crate comes in. It is a tool that makes filesharing a lot easier than it used to be. Simply go to their landing page, drop in a file and it generates a link that you can share with your network. It really can’t get any easier to share and save files in the cloud.

Workflow Tip: If this approach helps you, you can of course actually sign up for an account and arrange all your files very intuitively in folders.

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3. Dealing with emails in less time – Gmail Checker

Although I have played around with labeling and priority inbox many times, there was one very small App that has helped me the most. It is called Gmail Inbox Checker. The great part is that it sits as a browser extension right there and you can deal with your emails a lot faster. Every morning there is a ton of emails that I want to skip and this App allows me to do so with just one click. It helps me keep my inbox down in a very simple, yet efficient solution.

Workflow Tip: You can turn on sound notifications, visual notifications or a simple change in the number of new emails, which makes it very unobstrusive.

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4. Interact with the most powerful people retweeting you – WhoTweetedMe

Whom should you be interacting with on Twitter? This can often be very difficult to decide if you have only a very limited time at hands. A great tool that helped me to decide this is WhoTweetedMe. You can drop in any URL and see who the top people are that have mentioned this post. If it is your blogpost, you can use this as a great opportunity to get in touch and strike up a conversation. Alternatively, you can do it with any other blogpost across the web to find influencers in that space.

Workflow Tip: What I like best here is that you get a timeline as when most retweets have happened and also the average number of followers retweeting the post.

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5. Increasing retention with your blogposts – The Slide

As a blogger, one of the biggest pains you can have in Social Media is obviously to increase traffic. The problem here is that people coming from Twitter or Facebook are usually not converting at a high percentage. Wouldn’t it be great to have something to keep them longer on your site? The Slide is a wonderful solution to this. It will automatically recommend a new article from your site and pop up in an unobtrusive way on the bottom right of your site.

Workflow Tip: Installing this on your WP-blog couldn’t be any easier. You can also customise whether it should be shown on a post per post basis.

pic 5 7 Tools To Have A Phenomenal Social Media Workflow

6. Turn your Social Media updates into fully fledged brand pages – Twylah

So often, we are putting out a great Tweet, a memorable Facebook or Google+ update, yet it vanishes a few hours or days later into the ether. With Twylah, you can capture all your Tweets into a beautifully designed brand page. This will prolong the life of your Tweets and you are able to own more of the content you have put out via Social Media. A big plus is that your Tweets can be found via SEO more easily.

Workflow Tip: A great feature from Twylah is their Power Tweet. It allows you to send out Tweets that go to a new page instead of the post, with a lot of relevant content surrounding it.

pic 6 7 Tools To Have A Phenomenal Social Media Workflow

7. Full analytics for your Social Media channels – TwentyFeet

How many new friends have you gained recently? How many new followers, likes, retweets and mentions? Knowing more about the impact you are having across your Social Media channels is very important to improve your work I found. TwentyFeet is like Google Analytics for Social Media. It will show you all the most important graphs on one page, so you can follow your progress very easily.

Workflow Tip: What I like best about TwentyFeet are the weekly email reports telling you about the most important changes for you to know about.

pic 7 7 Tools To Have A Phenomenal Social Media Workflow

Using these Apps together has brought me a very optimised way to handle my Social Media efforts. As a final point a Social Media dashboard like Hootsuite, MarketMeSuite or TweetDeck are indispensable of course.

Over to you now. Do you believe some of these Tools can help with your workflow too? Comment below and let us know!


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